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Business directory - main categories

Directory of companies in Serbia

Media and publishing

Audio and vdeo - production & sales

Graphics, materials, equipment and services

Market research and public opinion

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Timber industry, paper and cardboard


Sawmills and wood processing

Sawn timber

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Metallurgy, machinery and tools

Tools and knives

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Industrial Furnaces

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Oil, gas and electricity

Devices and equipment for gasification

Production and sale of petroleum products

Batteries, cells and batteries

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Fashion and Textiles

Boutiques and fashion houses

Garment and Clothing

Leather goods, clothing and footwear

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Finance and business services

Auction houses


Insurance Companies

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Legal services

Law firms

Judicial experts

Judicial expertise in construction

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Furniture and Furnishing

Manufacture and repair of furniture

Sale Furniture

Shutters, blinds and awnings

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Photo equipment and instruments

Photo equipment - manufacturing & service

Photographic shops

Measuring instruments and apparatus

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Education and Science

Computer Schools

Schools of foreign languages

University education

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Construction and building materials

Aluminium and PVC joinery

Hydraulics, Pneumatics & Automation

Concrete and concrete products

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Agriculture, domestic animals and pets

Agricultural machinery

Equipment for Agriculture

Purchase of agricultural products

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Chemical Industry

Paints, varnishes and additives

Detergents, soap and cleaning preparations

Pharmaceutical products

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Food Industry

Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks

Dietary products

Bread and other bakery products

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Telecommunications and electronics

Electronic components

lectronic devices

Mobile phones & accessories

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Sport, recreation and entertainment

Recreation Centers

Spa centers and salons

Fitness centers

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Internet companies and providers


Forums and chat (chat)

Internet service providers

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Transport and traffic

Auto parts and accessories

Auto services, designers ...

Driving schools

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Office supplies and equipment

Office machines

Office supplies


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Tourism and hospitality

Spa and sanatorium

Fast Food

Hotels & motels

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Computers, PC equipment and services

Distributors and affiliates

Information systems

Sales of computers and PC equipment

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Home Appliances & Technology

Alarm and safety devices


Antique shop

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Services and craft activities


Flower shops

leaning, washing, repairing and disinfection

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Culture and Art

Cinema and video production and distribution

ultural centers

Music and musical instruments

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Health care


Alternative Medicine

Homes for older people

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Children's world

Food and equipment for babies

Boutiques for pregnant women and children


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Organizations and institutions


Non-governmental organization

Humanitarian organizations

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